Confirmation is rooted in the descent of the Holy Spirit and the Apostles’ practice of the “laying on of the hands” as part of the initiation of the newly baptised. Acts 8:14-17


While the New Testament refers to the Sacrament as the “laying on of the hands,” the early Church added the anointing of perfumed oil – known as Sacred Chrism, or Myron in the Eastern Churches – to the imposition of the hands to signify better the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Anointing with Sacred Chrism strongly illustrates the name Christian, a follower of Christ, the “Anointed One” Catechism of the Catholic Church 1289


Candidates (known as Confirmandi) for preparation for Confirmation must be ideally 14-16 years old. However, individuals can be confirmed into the Catholic Chuch at any time from the age of 14.

As part of our parish partnership aim to share as many resources as possible, our confirmation programme is being done at the moment in conjunction with Witham (The Holy Family and All Saints). To register, please fill the form provided in the link below and either email it to Fr Gordon, post it to the presbytery or hand it to Fr Gordon after Mass.