Reflecting Christ’s total self-giving to his Church, marriage is a permanent, lifelong, and indissoluble union of two persons: a man and a woman. God has willed that marriages be fruitful, open to the bearing and raising of children within the family. Through marriage and parenthood, a husband and a wife participate in God’s work of creation. In his public ministry Christ reaffirmed the divine origin of marriage (Mk 10:6-9), elevated its meaning, and emphasized its nature as a lifelong covenant and vocation. Catechism of the Catholic Church 1617, 1639, 1652, 1661.


St Mary Immaculate and The Holy Archangels is a very popular venue for marriages. If you would like to be married here, please have a chat with Fr Gordon as soon as possible to discuss requirements and dates. Marriage in the Catholic Church requires a period of formation the length of which varies from parish to parish. For more information please follow the links below.