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This is the website for the parish of St Mary Immaculate & The Holy Archangels. Although the parish is centred in Kelvedon, Essex it also includes the churches of St Bernard at Coggeshall and St John Houghton in Tiptree.

The parish covers a fairly large, rural part of Essex - it includes 13 villages. The parish is vibrant, friendly and welcoming; extending a warm invitation to all who wish to take part in Mass, attend a social event, or visit with family and friends.

Father Gordon's Homily

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14th Sunday of the Year; 15th Sunday of the Year; 16th Sunday of the Year; 17th Sunday of the Year; 18th Sunday of the Year; 19th Sunday of the Year; 20th Sunday of the Year; 21st Sunday of the Year; 22nd Sunday of the Year

25th Sunday of the Year (Fr Donie O'Connor)

Stewards of the Gospel
- Click here for a movie of Bishop Robert Barron - an inspirational evangelist from the US

Pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral - Saturday 13 October 2018

Canterbury Pilgrimage 2018

On Saturday October 13th, a coach full of our parishioners set off from Kelvedon to Canterbury for our now traditional annual pilgrimage. We were blessed with amazing warm and sunny weather and with a trouble free journey. Good start!

Once there, we marched to the Cathedral where most of the parishioners took a guided tour. Fr Gordon said Mass in the Crypt at 12 noon and, amazingly, our singing delighted the visitors who could hear us from the main body of the Crypt. Needles to say, the angelic sound of our singing was more due to the amazing acoustics of the Jesus Chapel than the quality of our voices.

After some time strolling freely through the town, parishioners gathered at the City Fish Bar, to sample what is known as the best fish and chips in the city! And it was.

Plans are already being made for our next pilgrimage.           Arundel, Aylesford or...any other suggestion?

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Father Gordon's 70th Birthday Celebrations

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Autumn Fayre - Saturday 29 September 2018

Autumn Fayre 2018

Our second Autumn Fayre. The weather was fine; the stalls laiden with high quality gifts and produce. Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make, grow, cook and collect items to sell.

The Fayre was well attended with people enjoying, cakes, bacon rolls, soup and drinks whilst they were walking between the stalls.

Once again, many thanks to the Antctzak family for providing great music which ceratinly drew a few punters in off Church Road.

And, by no means least, thanks to Gloria Streat for all her work in pulling the whole event together and making it such a success.

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The Great Parish Bake-Off 2018 Winners!

Congratulations to our Bake-off 2018 winners!
Far left

L-R: Daphne Cope-Cupcakes; Derry Godden-Fruitcake; Lanette Bridgman-Biscuits.   

Mollie Blackwell-Sponge.

Well done ladies! 

Parish Events for 2018

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