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This is the website for the parish of St Mary Immaculate & The Holy Archangels. Although the parish is centred in Kelvedon, Essex it also includes the churches of St Bernard at Coggeshall and St John Houghton in Tiptree.

The parish covers a fairly large, rural part of Essex - it includes 13 villages. The parish is vibrant, friendly and welcoming; extending a warm invitation to all who wish to take part in Mass, attend a social event, or visit with family and friends.

Father Gordon's Homily

Click on the links to read Father Gordon's Homilies for the 27th Sundayand 28th Sunday of the Year.

Stewards of the Gospel - Diocesan Questionnaire

Click here to download the questionnaire

Save the questionnaire - then open it at you leisure to complete. Finally - email your completed questionnaire as an attachment to stewards.questionnaire@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

Coming Events - Click on the thumbnail to get full details

  Father Gordon's Curry Night - 11 November
  Christmas Bazaar - 26 November
  Live Nativity - 11 December

Christmas 2016 - Live Nativity - 11 December 2016

OK, this may be a little early, but plans are already underway - click here for more details

‘Come in the Door is Open’
Our own YEAR OF MERCY initiative.

The symbolic opening of the door on this Year of Mercy is an open invitation for all of us to review our relationship with God and his Church. As a parish, we believe we are called to respond to this call together and ‘open the door’ wide with our own Year of Mercy initiative: Come to me, the door is open.’ 


The Year of Mercy provides us with a wonderful opportunity as a parish to renew our efforts to help our brothers and sisters to come back to the Church that loves them so much and to the loving God who is calling the depths of their hearts.

a)  Attending one or both of the Special Masses on May 15 and 22.

b) Inviting someone you know who might be ‘hesitant’ or thinking about returning to parish life to come to the Mass or to contact Fr Gordon for a ‘chat’.

c) Praying: prayer is the most valuable gift we can give to one another, particularly the Divine Mercy Chaplet, The Fiat Rosary and the Little Chaplet of the Divine Will, all available on request from Fr Gordon or your welcome minister. Also, you can fill the prayer slip attached to the letter and place it in one the ‘prayer boxes’ which will be placed in each of the churches.

If you personally are hesitant, or if you know someone who is ‘thinking about it’, please do come and talk to Fr Gordon, or, if you find it easier, leave a message in the ‘Come to me, the door is open’ email address thedoorisopen@kelvedoncatholicparish.org.uk Please, state whether you would like a visit, or just an online conversation.


Social Events for 2016

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If you want to browse through other pictures from past events

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Curry Night Christmas Bazaar Live Nativity