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This is the website for the parish of St Mary Immaculate & The Holy Archangels. Although the parish is centred in Kelvedon, Essex it also includes the churches of St Bernard at Coggeshall and St John Houghton in Tiptree.

The parish covers a fairly large, rural part of Essex - it includes 13 villages. The parish is vibrant, friendly and welcoming; extending a warm invitation to all who wish to take part in Mass, attend a social event, or visit with family and friends.

Father Gordon's Homily

Click on the links to read Father Gordon's Homilies for:

26th Sunday of the Year; 27th Sunday of the Year; 28th Sunday of the Year; 29th Sunday of the Year; 30th Sunday of the Year;
31st Sunday of the Year; 32nd Sunday of the Year; Kingship of Christ

1st Sunday of Advent; 2nd Sunday of Advent; 3rd Sunday of Advent; 4th Sunday of Advent; Christmas Day; Epiphany of the Lord



What is the Lent Retreat?
It is a daily time of prayer (aiming at 15-30 minutes) and weekly meeting of around an hour with others doing the retreat and a prayer guide.
 Who is it for?
Anyone who is already Christian and who wants to deepen their prayer life, or someone who is not sure what they believe but is willing to take a risk and seriously explore the reality of God. Either way, it is for any generous soul willing to commit to the elements of the week.
 What is the programme?
The core elements are personal prayer each day, using scripture of the day, then reviewing how that prayer time went, and meeting with your group weekly. During the weekly meeting there will be opportunity for sharing and input on different ways of praying and how to deepen your relationship with God.
 Why take part in the retreat?
When we are generous, God is more so. We encounter a God who loves and calls us. It can also help us feel connected with our local community.
How do I sign up?
If you know you want to participate, talk to the prayer guide in your local community about the times of the meetings.

You can also register for daily emails and access to online resources on www.pathwaystogod.org/lentretreat2019/signup


Kelevedon Catholic Parish Social Group News

Click here to see a list of this year's social events



With Lent rapidly approaching, why not take advantage of some of the films we have in our DVD library about the lives of some of our favourite and lesser known saints? Have a great night in with your family in the comfort of your home and borrow one of our DVDs, which are available year round.

If interested please see or message Gloria Streat for a list of films that are available. Please note, some of the DVD's may require a multi-region or "all regions" player. Most are foreign with English subtitles.

Stewards of the Gospel
Vision Document Update
Click here to read Vision Document - Shaping Our Future

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