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Stewards of the Gospel


Day 11

Sunday 20 May



It’s not all as it should be, is it?

Those friendships. That situation. That difficulty. Not to mention the pain and hardship in the lives of others around the world that you just can’t bring yourself to imagine. And because all is not well with the state of the world – we pray: Thy Kingdom Come.
We pray: Jesus, please bring change, make thing different as only you can.
But before we do –  just one thing.
If you dare to pray this prayer, be ready that God will take you far more joyfully and seriously than you take yourself. Be prepared not just to look on as an observer, but to take a full part in His mission to see His Kingdom Come.
  Day 10

Saturday 19 May



Your head. Your hands. Your feet.
Breathe in deeply.
Hold it.
Breathe out.
Take 10 breaths.
And listen to the quiet. The noise of the silence.
Allow God to fill the space.
Now what?
  Celebrate Day 9

Friday 18 May



Apart from our favourite things of course. But we are so ‘meh’ about nearly everything else. So little impresses us. So little really stirs us to deep joy. Because of this, we can bring our general boredom with life into how we see and think about God.
We’re a bit bored with faith too. Our eyes are so distracted by the million everyday things around us, we never let it sink in: we know the God – the maker and holder of the whole universe. We are loved and have been given life for ever. We have reason to live and light to live by. These are things to celebrate... but so often we almost give them the ‘whatever’. So in the boring, grey ‘meh’ of our everyday lives, look up today. Let’s realise the awe and wonder of God, hiding in plain sight just beyond the ‘meh.’
Why not take some time today to list the things you know about God that are so beyond ‘whatever’? Surely they’re worth celebrating…

Day 8

Thursday 17 May



Why are so many of us so desperate to be famous?

Maybe it’s because really, we’re just desperate to be loved. No, more than that: adored.
We see celebrities, singers and actors in front of their legions of fans and imagine what it must be like to have that many people obsessing over your every move.
Except of course, even those people don’t live as if they’re adored. Because deep down, even they don’t trust that the love directed at them could ever be true.
Like them, we know ourselves, and we know that we’re not really that adorable.
There’s one person who truly is, and his name is Jesus. And even though he knows everything about us, he chooses to adore us. Even though we might not deserve it, we truly are adored.
This is the thing we all hope for... and it’s true for us. How will it change your day today to really know – deep down – that you are loved and adored by the God who made the universe?

Day 7

Wednesday 16 May



Most of us find it hard to ask for help.

Whether it’s being stuck on an impossible level of a video game, or struggling to complete a piece of work, our stubbornness and pride can be our biggest enemies.
Who likes admitting they haven’t got what it takes? It’s ludicrous, but we live with the lie that strength is found in having it all together.
God invites us to see the world the other way around. To admit you’re weak is to be strong. To come clean that you’re broken, is actually to be whole. To ask for help shows how together you really are.
Jesus is here. Right by your side to help you. Put down your stubbornness and pride, and let him.

  Day 6

Tuesday 15 May


Some people work out.

Committed to working on those six packs or getting Beach Body Ready. Some people lift weights to strengthen their shoulders. But some of the weights we really have to carry are too heavy for anyone to bear alone.
Prayer is simply refusing to carry things ourselves. It is the practice of loading the things that are too heavy for us onto the shoulders of Jesus.
And when we do, we find that there is not a burden, not a person, not a situation that he wasn’t carrying already. When we whisper our prayers for the things we carry - if we listen closely enough - we hear back the whisper that he has been praying for them already.
Don’t bear your own burdens. Or those of others. Pray for them by loading them onto Jesus. And listen in to what he is already praying for.
  Offer Day 5

Monday 14 May


There’s a famous old story about five thousand hungry people with no food. 

The gig had gone late, and no-one had expected it. The only person to plan ahead was one lad with a bit of bread and fish. In Jesus’ hands, that’s all that was needed to feed all 5,000.
Sometimes it can feel like there’s so much need in the world. Five thousand, five million times more problems than we could possibly seek to solve. What on earth have we got to offer God, when we have so little? The amount is never the issue. It’s simply about our willingness to give it all.
And hold nothing back for ourselves.
All through history, the people who’ve seen God do the most, have simply given him everything, even if they didn’t have very much.
Today, whatever you have to give – your time, your skills, your money, your heart – offer if all to God.

Day 4

Sunday 13 May



 “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.”

No it isn’t. It’s one of the easiest. It trips right off the tongue. You forget to do something: “sorry”. You hurt someone’s feelings: “sorry”. It’s like a knee-jerk reaction to get ourselves off the hook, to shut down the conversation or stop the criticism.
What’s much harder is a real sorry. Saying it, and also meaning it. A true sorry has given up the fight of trying to prove you’re right. To justify or explain.
It’s a coming clean.
Come clean before God now. Everything. And ask him to help you to really.

  Thanks Day 3

Saturday 12 May


Novena Day 2

Thursday 10 May


Time to fulfil our pledge to pray!

  Thy Kingdom Come_Youth Day_Praise

Youth Day

Day 2: Praise Psalm 30: 6-12 Pippa Baker



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