Annual General Meeting 2009


Next Sunday our parish AGM takes place after 11.00 a.m. Mass at Kelvedon, and should last no more than 30-45 minutes.  If you can, please do stay on, or come over to make your contribution to our plans for the future.  Below you will find an indication of the different things that have been happening in the parish over the past year.  Are there are areas where you have a particular interest?  More help is always welcome?  What else would you like to see?  We will not know unless you tell us!  This year the number of baptisms and First Communions has been back to normal, but instead we have more than the usual number of weddings – eight! We have a new catechist for First Communions, Mrs Angie Hart, and I would like to thank her for all she has contributed in the way of new ideas as well as time and energy. We also need to thanks those looking after our Children’s Liturgy, in particular Charlotte Ezra who has taken on an increasing role. More helpers would always be welcome. As we look towards 2010 our focus will increasingly be on the Parish Mission in July. This will be led by members of the Sion Community in Brentwood. In the Autumn we shall be getting down to the more immediate preparation, and will be looking for those willing to help in various areas.
Fr Gordon



Diocesan Pastoral Council

As the Parish representatives (Pat Richardson and Jadwiga Smith) we attend two meetings a year, one in November and one in May. These meetings have proved to be both informative and enjoyable and we both feel that we have learnt a lot about what happens throughout the parishes of the diocese.

This year we have had sessions covering



Justice and Peace


Parish Concern


Spiritual & Liturgical

I made a decision after the last AGM that I shouldn’t measure the success of events on the numbers of those who attend. Instead, I should accept that God guides us in all our ventures and calls each one of us in different ways to support our Parish. This has made me realise, even more than I did before, just how blessed we are to have so many willing volunteers that help the Parish achieve so much. I am really looking forward to our Parish Mission next year and to all the events that we have to plan in the run up to it. I am very grateful for the support and enthusiasm of the other Parish Council members and I would like to thank everyone that gives so much of their time and effort to our Parish Family. I feel very lucky and thank God for allowing me the privilege of doing this fantastic job!

Helena McInally