Parish of St. Mary Immaculate and the Holy Archangels

Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 16th September 2009 at 8pm
SS Cornelius, Pope, & Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs
St Dominic’s Room Kelvedon


Opening Prayer

Minutes from Previous Meetings: 3rd June and AGM 5th July agreed

Due to the number of apologies, it was agreed that elections would be carried out at the next meeting.

Actions from last PC meeting 3rd June:
The Parish Plan was handed out after all masses on 21st June
Contact will be made with Coggeshall Prentice Youth Worker Trust soon
Diocesan Pastoral Council – representatives to report at the next meeting

AGM Feedback and Actions

Party for the youth – we need resources to help with youth projects. As Christmas is so busy it was suggested that we organize an Easter Egg hunt or a similar event.
Summer Camp Weekend – we will find out more details once this is planned.
Sunday bidding prayers – instruction to be given to all readers, using guidance issued by the Diocesan Liturgical Commission – being dealt with by the Spit & Lit Group.
The planning of the quiz night and the suggestion of a race night were handed over to the Social Committee.
It was agreed that the suggested Parish Wassail would be held at Coggeshall at 7pm on Sunday 20th December.

Parish Website

Advised that the website went live on 16th September but requires more content. This will be discussed at the next meeting as the site must be up and running in plenty of time for the Mission.

Group Reports:

The Curry Night is organized, with more than half the tickets sold already. The George & Dragon have offered a meal for two as a prize for the raffle.

Spiritual & Liturgical
The Folk Group will resume playing at Kelvedon on Sunday 4th October, after the summer break, and will play for the first Sunday of each month from now on.
A parishioner has offered to organize a choir group at Kelvedon for the other Sundays that the folk group is not playing and is looking for volunteers who enjoy singing and have an affection for parish activities. This will be discussed at more length at the next S&L meeting.
A parishioner has suggested a mission hymn, chair has the words but it was agreed to ask a musician to play it for us at the next S&L meeting. We would need to consider Coggeshall and Tiptree’s views on an appropriate hymn.

Justice & Peace
The group met on 1st July and discussed various issues including, Fairtrade, Uganda, Besters, Prisoners, Night Shelter, Life Issues and CAFOD.
Pauline Spratt, from CAFOD spoke at the meeting on the subject ‘Our climate in your hands’, which was an excellent talk with lots of practical ideas on what we can do now do to help stop the increase in global warming. Pauline offered to come and talk to a wider parish group.
Since the meeting, a parishioner has advised that he has been in touch with Besters.

Parish Concern
Nothing to report

It is our turn this week to host the ecumenical service for Kelvedon.

Buildings & Finance
Nothing to report

Nothing to report

Leaders to plan an event before Christmas

Diocesan Pastoral Council
Next meeting 7th November 2009

Parish Mission

The Mission team had their ‘end of term’ meeting on 16th July to review their achievements. They look forward to passing on all they have learned to the larger team that will be formed to oversee the Mission in 2010. Thank you to all for their invaluable contribution.
We are waiting for Sion to advise when they will pay us their first visit. This was expected this month.
A parishioner has kindly offered to source promotional gifts for the mission. It was agreed that we would consider umbrellas, shopping bags, pens, mugs and tea towels. We also discussed the possibility of a Mission Calendar, showing views of all the churches. It was suggested that we have a stall at the Bazaar to sell the promotional gifts, however, it was agreed that we would need to wait for the visit from Sion, before we order any items.


The C of E in Kelvedon is holding a Christmas Tree Festival on 16th December. It was agreed that we have a great deal going on over Christmas but would ask if the children’s Liturgy Group would like to take part
Advised that Altar Server training would begin shortly. Separate sessions would be set up for children and adults.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 18th November 2009, after 7.30pm Mass at Kelvedon
The meeting closed with a prayer.