Minutes of Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 18th November 2009, 8 p.m.
Held in St Dominic’s Room

1. Opening Prayer

2. Minutes of Previous Meetings agreed

3. Actions from Last Meeting
Youth Group has both party for youth of parish and summer camp on its agenda.
Bidding prayers instruction and encouragement on Spiritual & Liturgical Group agenda.
Chair has a pile of brochures with ideas for gifts/mementos for the mission. Further mission actions, please see under agenda item 7, Parish Mission 2010.

4. Parish Council Election of Officers

5. Parish Website
Agreed that as this is a priority as part of our preparation for the Parish Mission 2010; some illustrative data points on web site costs: Brentwood Diocese spent £14,000 on the website and budgets for £5,000 in annual running costs. Westminster spends £25,000 a year, so ours is comparatively low cost.

6. Groups
a) Social
Christmas Bazaar: There are different people getting involved this time.
Senior Citizens Lunch: agreed this will be January 23rd 2010 (and could have a Burns night theme).
Coggeshall Wassail 20th December

b) Spiritual & Liturgical
Reported that the new musical arrangements at Kelvedon are going well, and there is some enthusiasm to launch a children’s choir. One new member is joining the Group. Letters to invite all the children to the early evening Mass on Christmas Eve are to go out; an Advent wreath has been organised and workbooks for the children’s liturgy have been acquired.

c) Justice & Peace
No report. Fund raising for the Colchester Night Shelter is not so urgent at present as it is one of the Mayor’s charities.

d) Parish Concern
Continues to meet and pray.

e) Ecumenical
No report. No vicar was appointed at Tollesbury, but the church wardens have ok-ed a Mass in their church on Christmas Eve.

f) Buildings & Finance
Front of Tiptree Church has been tidied up, the dud heater at Kelvedon Church has been replaced and it is arranged for the gates at Kelvedon to be taken away for repainting.

g) Communications
Parish Christmas cards are in hand.

h) Youth
Bowling event went very well, with 19 children showing up on the day. Someone who is to be married at Kelvedon used to be a youth worker in Shoeburyness, and will discuss some ideas for next steps with our team.

i) Diocesan Pastoral Council
Our representatives reported on the meetings of May 9th and November 7th.

7. Parish Mission 2010
Agreed: the suggestion that we use our Christmas Good News flyer as a “Mission special” (including some prayers) to start the work of raising awareness and enthusiasm of our Mission ahead of the visit from Isabel Cameron in January.
Discussed who could attend Sion's Priests and People conference in Brentwood and agreed to pend mission promotional gifts until after Sion’s visit in January.

8. AOB
Agreed: to convey thanks from the parish to the George & Dragon for their gift of a voucher for the curry night raffle and mention that our thanks will be recorded in our parish newsletter.
Reported that Bishop Thomas is keen that parish council meetings be more prayerful and has suggested that each meeting include half an hour on each of the themes of Put Out Into The Deep.
Proposed: a family / mothers and toddlers prayer group in Feering/Kelvedon.
Safer Media has sent postcards for us to send to the Ministry of Justice asking them to ban violent films and computer games from young offenders’ institutions; 4 volunteers to fill these out and send to the Ministry.
Agreed: any money raised from Sunday soup sales after Mass to cover the cost of the 2 soup kettles purchased for parish use.

9. Next Meeting January 27th 2010.

10. Closing Prayer