Minutes of Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 27th January 2010 8:00 p.m.
St Angela Merici Virgin
St Dominic’s Room Kelvedon

1. Opening Prayer

2. Parish website
Discussed steps to get this ready in time for our parish mission. Sion have partnered our parish with Our Lady Immaculate parish in Devizes, and they will want to have a web site about our parish to look at about.

3. Group Reports
a. Social

Saturday's senior citizens lunch went very well. There have been many thank yous and positive comments. The Christmas bazaar also went really well, with plenty of volunteers, new and old. Due to the wintry weather the wassail before Christmas was cancelled. The parish council wanted to minute its sincere appreciation of the fabulous efforts of all on the hard working social committee. The £55 from the raffle at the lunch on Saturday is to go to our Haiti appeal, which as of last weekend was at £1465 (including gift aid), and more donations are expected over this weekend. The next social event will be the parish mission; the social committee will consider if we should have a summer fete as well as the mission.

b. Spiritual & Liturgical
Report more are involved and co-operating on the music for Kelvedon Masses. Many of the actions on the agenda will be subsumed into the mission process.

c. Justice & Peace
Nothing new to report.

d. Parish Concern
Some feedback shared on Christian Unity week. Also shared the Diocesan pastoral council document "Home is a holy place" and a letter from Priory Street parish about the Union of Catholic Mothers: agreed to pend both these as resources for post mission.

e. Ecumenical
Reported that Jeremy Priest (URC) and Len Phelps are both retiring shortly, so there are communities in Kelvedon and Tiptree who don't know what the future holds for them. Also, no appointment was made in Tollesbury parish. Our parish to emphasise that our parish mission services are not Masses, and all are welcome. Next Kelvedon big breakfast at our church this coming Saturday; involvement in World Women's Day of Prayer (March 5th).

f. Buildings & Finance
Meets next Friday. A presbytery storage heater (utility room) is not working - so a new one (£250) is needed. Suggested that the matter of installing central heating goes on their agenda. Comparing costs between storage heaters and central heating is complicated by the fact that the power company has overcharged, and is refunding £2,500 for overpayments over the last 3 years. Also a suggestion that we should add a sink in the downstairs loo (and plumbing for this could be combined with any works for central heating), so there is a list of works to be planned for and carried out.
Action: buildings & finance committee will get 3 quotes for the installation of central heating.

g. Communications
Good News flyer went out with the parish Christmas cards at Christmas, and Sion Community's Cathy Worthington had asked for copies to show other parishes. Suggested that the mission publicity team consider producing a mission edition "Mission News".

h. Youth
Volunteers are keeping the children's choir going at Kelvedon.

i. Diocesan Pastoral Council
The deaneries are considering the changes to Mass times consultation and no decisions yet. In our deanery short of closing Mass centres there is not much room for changes as only Priory Street church has more than one Sunday Mass.

4. Parish Mission 2010
Plans to launch a Mission prayer group are under way. A review of the 40 forms filled out in response to Isabel's appeal at the Sunday Masses shows we have quite a few volunteers for the actions:
Hospitality: 16
Social: 6
Accommodation: 6
Administrative / Misc: 1
Printing / Photocopying: 2
Music: 6
Transport: 8
Publicity: 3
Visual Display: 5
Census & Visits : 9
Prayer: 9, plus the 9 in the Tiptree Rosary Group
Visiting with Sion: 4

Volunteers for roles by Mass centre: Kelvedon 53; Tiptree 25; Coggeshall 19.

The 40 phone calls had an impact, improving the turnout for the Kelvedon meeting, and Isabel was impressed by the warm reception.

One area we will need a team for (and not on the list so far) is ecumenical. Also concern expressed about the second week - how many need to be involved, what commitment in terms of time and resources will be required. Sion provide the service format, and base it around the parish's themes (as prayed for by the prayer group).

The third preparatory visit of Sion comes 8 weeks before the mission, and by then we need our overall theme, the themes for the services and the scripture passages. In sum, the prayer group in conjunction with the Mission Team & other interested people will need to have the themes, services, scripture etc ready in two and a half months.

We will call together all those who have volunteered already (and appeal in the weekly newsletter for anyone else to join in also) for a meeting on Sunday 7th February (to avoid half term, and keep the momentum up), and at this each of the teams can choose a co-ordinator.