MINUTES of Parish Annual General Meeting held in St Dominic’s Room, Kelvedon
Following 11am Mass

Sunday 5th July 2009

PRESENT 20 members of the Parish, including 7 members of the Parish Council

1. Opening Prayer

2. Apologies

3. Welcome

4. Finance & Buildings Report
Reported that the parish had spent £33 less than it has received in income on the general account (expenditure of about £66,000 balanced by about £66,000 income), and it remains one of the most generous parishes in the diocese, with a positive bank balance of over £45,000 on deposit with the diocese which helps the less well off parishes. Weekly giving is down, and the diocesan capitation charge is going up by 20%, so the Gift Aid programme (£11,000 recovered) and the total of £2,500 from last week’s fete are a great contribution towards meeting rising costs, including the diocesan charge, mission costs and minor buildings works. With regard to CAFOD and second collections our parish is generous, and punches above its weight.

Regarding buildings, major work has been completed at Tiptree (legally compliant disabled toilet and a wonderful kitchen), brought in on time and on budget. The electrics in the presbytery have been redone, and other minor works have been carried out at Tiptree, Coggeshall and at Kelvedon.

5. Parish Council Elections
Deferred to next meeting of the parish council, scheduled for September 16th.

6. AOB
Suggested that the parish have a party for the youth (along the lines of the senior citizens lunch) perhaps after Christmas. This will be on the agenda at the Spiritual & Liturgical group’s September meeting. There is also a Big Breakfast project which will be discussed by the clergy on Wednesday, to run a summer camp weekend for young people, including a sleepover at the Evangelical Church.

A parishioner raised the matter of our Sunday bidding prayers; this is already on the agenda: the diocesan liturgical commission is going to give some guidance to our readers on reading lessons and preparing bidding prayers.

A parishioner suggested that we consider having another parish quiz night. The question is when would be best to fit it in, given that after the summer break we have the curry night and the Christmas bazaar coming up. A race night was also suggested. These suggestions will be considered by the social committee. Also on the quiz night theme, suggestion that funds raised be donated to the Brentwood Catholic Children's Society.

A parishioner suggested that we consider having a wassail at Christmas as has been done in the past at Coggeshall. He agreed to take the lead in arranging this.

Also raised: a suggestion that the Spiritual & Liturgical Group consider ways of making the longer services for children shorter and the Kelvedon Heritage Society’s walk on Saturday, which included a stop at St Mary Immaculate and the Holy Archangels, whereby 80 or so people came into the church in small groups. The Heritage Society had passed to Father Gordon their thanks for the warm welcome to the visitors.

Also mentioned: the Mass last Sunday for the Catenians at St Nicholas’s Chapel in Coggeshall, probably the first Roman Catholic Mass celebrated there since the dissolution of the monastery; thanks to our parish priest and sacristan for making it possible.

We will keep the groups as currently constituted. The big project this coming year will be our Mission, which will require lots of effort from many people. Sion will be visiting us in September, and will speak at all Masses on a Sunday ahead of a meeting for the whole parish. In the meantime keep praying, and be ready to get involved.

7. Closing Prayer