Parish Mission 2010 - Tuesday 12 July

Open Our Hearts

The Commuter’s Mass was led by Father Nino Vincigurra.

Breakfast was provided was provided by Miriam and Elizabeth this morning – wonderful.

Family Prayer Time

Led by Andy and Allegra with Gosha providing music as well.  The children sang and made a prayer chain which was draped around the ‘theme for today’ board in front of the altar.  Much fun was had by all.

This evening’s service was led by Father Nino

Reading:  Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer
Luke 11:  5 – 13

Sarah, Naimh and Tom read

‘Father I place into your hands’

Music from Andy, Pat and Michael

Then followed a wonderful talk on ‘Prayer’ from Father Nino; delivered with that typical Aussie self-depreciating sense of humour.  Father started by using the tale of the holy man and beggar to illustrate that when we ask God for what we [really] need, we find that our prayers are answered.  He then continued by addressing a problem that is faced by us all when in prayer; distraction.  Father Nino reassured us that it was ‘normal’ and used the writings of St Teresa of Avila in support – provided that we return to prayer all is well – we are returning to God.  We were asked to dwell on what distracted us and think of ways to prevent this.  However, at times a distraction can be positive, pulling back to prayer when your mind wanders.

How do deepen your relationship with God through prayer?  Honesty was the foundation – with yourself, your friends and with God.  God accepts you for who you [really] are, not the veneer you might want to present.

Finally, Father reminded us that prayer is for us; God does not need prayer.  Prayer draws us closer to God.  God wants to know that we are OK and growing closer to him.  Again, we were reminded that the desire for God is planted in our hearts by God.  We have to ‘Open our Hearts’ to God to experience that desire.

Father Gerrard then led us in a period of prayer and reflection using the Lord’s Prayer as a framework. 
He expanded upon each part giving us new prayer avenues to explore.  Powerful stuff this!

Andy, Pat and Michael then led us in singing the Lord’s Prayer whilst Allegra ‘signed’.

To end the service we finished with a rousing canon of ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God’.

And, before we had barely started, or so it seemed, we’d finished.

Valerie reminded us of Wednesday’s Masses and service and urged early birds to attend the Commuter’s Mass. 
Allegra owned up to not making a 6.30 Mass as yet – not a good move as she was immediately coerced into
going to Mass bright and early on Wednesday morning.  There are times when it may pay to keep a low profile
– and quiet.