Parish Mission 2010 - Monday 12 July

Lord Make Our Faith Grow

The day started with the Commuters’ Mass led by Father Gerard Kelly. 

A fine breakfast was provided by Yadwiga and Pat Richardson after Mass.  Much appreciated by all!

Our Evening Service followed the mission theme; ‘Lord, Make Our Faith Grow’, led by Father Gerrard.

Andy Bunting recounted an entertaining story about ‘buying [into] faith’ from the ‘Faith Shop’.  The buyer wanted to experience the ‘grace’ and ‘faith’ he saw in some of his Christian friends.  So he started out by buying ‘special occasion faith’, the entry level package.  However, he soon realised that he wasn’t quite there so upgraded to ‘respectable faith’, a package for more serious users.  But, over time he found he immersed himself in he Good News’, his life increasingly guided by words of Jesus.   So he decided to opt for the full professional package; ‘Gospel faith’.  Finally, as the buyer relinquished his hold on [his] life and handed it over to God’s will, he experienced the grace and faith that he had been seeking.

We were then led by Andy, Pat and Michael in the hymn,

‘Come now is the time to worship.’

Reading:  The Parable of the Sower
Matthew 13:1-9

Angie and Neville read.
Father Gerard talked about three aspects of faith. 

Personal faith. 

Taking risks as your faith grows. 

Your expectations of faith.

Hymn:  ‘All over the world the Spirit is moving’

Allegra Mutanda led everyone in prayer whilst Andy, Pat & Michael played and we all joined in the meditative response;
‘Trust, Surrender, Believe, Receive.’

The service was thought provoking and challenging, but at the same time riveting, funny, tremendous, moving and inspiring.

Valerie Hall reminded us of tomorrow’s programme.

We were then able to chat about the evening’s service over tea, coffee and biccies.