The New Liturgy Parish Study Day

22nd Oct 2011

Well I waited with baited breath during Mass for the speaker Fr Hugh to arrive.  We had got to Communion and still no sign!  Just keep praying and he will arrive. Yes – just as Communion is underway there is monk at the door looking for our church!

Well he proved to be a great speaker with a wonderful sense of both humour and devotion to the liturgy.  He explained using colour coding where different version of the liturgy had come from and why we needed further change. 

He was very happy to discuss matters over lunch and everyone was enthusiastic to hear more after lunch.  The comments on the day were all very positive and with this in mind I shall look for other opportunities for us to learn more about our faith.  Below are a couple of pictures from the day.  Fr Hugh (who gave the talk) is the one in the black habit!

Thank you all for coming!